Will she like it? Will it be the right colour? What about the length?
Well it can be hard to buy that perfect gift sometimes! 🧐

If you know your friend, sister, wife, colleague, mum or whoever she might be like colourful, contemporary statement jewellery there is an option to give a Gift Voucher... presented in luxurious envelope tided with a festive ribbon, then wrapped beautifully and delivered to your or recipients door! 💌


OR get it delivered to your or recipients email.


How to Buy a Gift Voucher:

1. Choose the amount from the drop down meny.

2. Choose delivery method from the drop down meny.

3. Enter recipients name and message in the area provided

4. Area for any notes you may want to let me know.


What happens once you have bought the Gift Voucher:

1. If prefered method is by post it will be posted on next business day.

2. If ordered to receive by email an email voucher with pdf file, receiver's name, code and expiry date will be sent to you (or recipient) within 24h.


Please note: All Gift Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the day of purchase and valid to use on valgstudio.com

Gift voucher can't be exchanged for money.


Gift Voucher


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