Liga Valge is the designer maker behind Valg Studio. She first began working with polymer clay in 2011, quickly becoming fascinated by the possibilities that this versatile medium had to offer. Since then she has continued to participate in workshops by renowned international polymer clay artists as she continues to explore new ideas and making techniques. Liga is based in the South East of Ireland where each piece is designed and made by hand.


     ''Bright colours, communicative simplicity and fascinating possibilities continue to excite me when working with polymer clay. Each time I begin to condition the clay I feel joy and the desire to reach for new ideas. The inspiration for my work comes from many sources but can be found primarily in the observation of small details within my immediate environment, my creative process and internal experiences. Throughout the making process I continue to explore and respond to the subtle possibilities that exist when working with this type of modelling clay''.


     Liga Valge is a member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and the International Polymer Clay Association.

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