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Liga Valge FORM Designmade in Carlow

     Liga Valge, designer maker behind Valg Studio specialises in the medium of polymer clay to create simple, contemporary statement jewellery and sculptural wall art. Although self thought, Liga continues to master her craft by regularly participating in international workshops always striving to bring her work to the next level.

Growing up in the 1980's in rural Latvia instilled in Liga, a hard working ethos which allowed her the freedom to follow her creative dream by establishing her brand when she arrived in Ireland sixteen years ago.

Her current collection ‘Shadow and Light’ is inspired by Liga's close connection to nature. Need for change, connecting with nature and self care during the challenging time of pandemic are core pillars behind this new work. On her daily walks Liga began to take notice and become aware of the shapes, sounds and colours around her. This new collection immortalises the play of patterns of light and shade that are cast under the sunlit trees.
Just as there are dark moments in our life , there is always a ray of hope and healing. The theme behind this work is like unwritten story that unfolds at the meeting point when work of craft and its viewer/wearer connect.

Liga has exhibited her work at all the major craft fairs in Ireland including Gifted at the RDS and The Glucksman Gallery Contemporary Craft and Design Fair.


Liga Valge is a member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and FORM Designmade in Carlow.

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