Art Collaboration

Nicola Brown and I are engaged in an art collaboration where we explore physical and emotional tension as expressed through language. During our research we have discovered that many phrases relating to tension and it’s release are almost identical in English and Latvian. This has led us to wonder if it is the same world over; do different nationalities express tension in the same way or are other phrases more prevalent? 


We invite you to submit phrases and thoughts to us expressing your feelings about physical or emotional tension as well as it’s release. Please note, we welcome submissions in all languages not just English or Latvian! All submissions will be strictly confidential. Submit phrases here: https://forms.gle/kaQ5uWBZQei4ttRy6


If you would like to receive periodic notifications about the progress of this collaboration please consider joining out mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/hrCYLb

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