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Call in for A Cup of Tea, Community Art Project in Ireland

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Forwards Steps Family Resource Centre project ''A Cup of Tea'' led by artist Liga Valge is a community arts project in Tullow. Supported by Creative Ireland Carlow Open Call 2018/19 it brings together a multicultural group, that is local and inclusive yet universal in the ritual of sharing a cup of tea together.

1. Working Together

This unique project has brought together a wonderful group of women who have never worked with polymer clay before. There must be a tea drinking traditions in every country and home, and by inviting, teaching and encouraging participants to create their own tea pot, it ultimately builds connections between ones cultural background, life experience and Ireland.

The goal of creating individual art teapots during the 12 workshop lessons could feel very ambitious at the start but during the classes learning various techniques with polymer clay, exploring & developing creative design ideas, colour combination and much more, beautiful pieces were completed in time.

Equally important was joy of working together, sharing a cup of tea together every week.

2. Teapots

During the project every participant created a unique art teapot in polymer clay, they are all so different and very special. They carry messages about what is important to the individual maker, fundamental values, reflect on culture, also are fun.

Wonderful artist Clare Breen worked on the video documentation of the project and 'A Cup Of Tea' website

'A Cup of Tea' Exhibition at VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art and The George Bernard Shaw Theatre runs from 8th - 13th January, 2019

Exhibition launch: 8th January, 6pm / VISUAL Carlow

Community Cafe and A Cup of Tea Project launch at Forward Steps Centre, Tullow is taking place on the 27th February at 10am.

Fiona Dillon one of Ireland's best known food writers, seasoned broadcaster, certified trainer and speaker will be with us on the day to celebrate!

Please visit A Cup of Tea facebook page for more work in progress pictures and videos.

3. Put the Kettle On

Workshop classes are over but it is wonderful to learn participants are keeping in touch, continue to explore and create with polymer clay at home, sharing the joy of this versatile medium and project experience with family members and friends.

Please know after the exhibition teapots will be permanently displayed at community Cafe at Forwards Steps Family Resource Centre in Tullow. Call in to see these unique teapots and have a cup of tea or coffee in the cafe.


Doesn't matter if it is a tradition elsewhere, maybe we haven't met for a long time or perhaps we are about to meet for the first time, it does seem natural to put the kettle on and offer a cup of hot beverage when meeting up. There is a power in the shared cup of tea or coffee.

Today I'm as excited about 'A Cup of Tea'' project as I was from day one, when the ideas for this project was only forming, because I believe this project has created so many positive examples and future possibilities. I truly enjoyed working together with Forward Steps centre management, participating ladies and fellow artist Clare Breen. It has been wonderful experience in the community that I'm sure will lead on the new creative journeys in the future.

Thank you for having me, Liga.

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