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Jewellery Trends 2023: Irish Design

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Exciting youthful maximalism and timeless classics with an edge in a way that works for you. Start with one jewellery piece if you want to experiment and try something new.

It was a joy to take some time to research, discover and put together jewellery trends 2023 hit list with handpicked styles from Irish designers makers.

Whether costume or fine jewelry, there is more demand for statement pieces that reflect wearer's personality and interests.


Bold Statement Necklace

For many seasons, the trend with necklaces has been about layering lots of delicate gold chains and pendants together, and while that's a classic look this season it’s all about statement pendants.

Chunky link chain necklaces, chokers, super sized medallions are some of the other trends on the fashion runways for this year. Mixing metals is a trend too.

Heart-shaped jewelry often holds a lot of sentient. Great to see some contemporary designs of the classic love heart pendant.

Another big trend is mermaidcore. Good push for jewellery made from pieces found in nature. Seashells, sea glass, stone pendants ideally if they are made using foraged treasures from meaningful places.


Look-at-me Earrings

Edgy pearl earrings, long drop earrings and ear cuffs top the earring trends this year but big maximalist hoops and mismatched earrings are following close by.

Sleek drop earrings that fall to the shoulders or collarbone is the statement what you’re looking for here. You can be as simple or as full-on as you like. Regardless of the style or metals used, the common factor that unites these shoulder-sweeping styles is the fact that they are worn to be seen.

In tandem with the rise of oversized jewelry and accessories, ear cuffs are sizing up.

Time and time again pearls are such a classic look but now it’s time for pearls to go big. This season, they are back, with a bit of modern edge. Think of cool peral-embelished ear cuff.

Whether you choose an ear cuff, a big statement earring or a solo pearl earring - asymmetry is set to be big this year as well, so don't worry about being matchy-matchy and try something different.


Stacking Big and Bold Cuff Bracelets

Bold cuffs worn at the wrist, or higher up on the arm. Oversized or dainty, the choice is yours. If you’re stacking, you’ve still got to go big with the bracelets. This isn’t about layering lots of delicate chains, this is literally about covering your arm with chunky bracelets.


Cocktail & Pinky Rings

While dainty rings have been common over the past couple of years it is time go big and bold. More is more. Cocktail rings offer an easy way to jazz up any outfit, with their bright and joyful appearance they are a popular choice.

The power pinky. That's right; your little finger is getting as much attention as rout ring, pointer and middle finger.


The jewellery trends come and go. While they are not all for us there are certainly a few looks that caches our eye.

Have fun!



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