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Summer Workshops

Delighted to share an upcoming workshops taking place this August.

Workshop 1

Make blended colour Earrings and Pendant with Liga Valge Valg Studio for Adults on AUG 21 at Carlow County Library. Info & Booking at

Workshop 2

Make vibrant pattern Earrings and Pendant with Liga Valge (Valg Studio) for Adults on AUG 22 at Carlow County Library.

Info & Booking at here

Craft Hub is a European project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme focused on Craft in the context of cultural heritage and its continuing relevance in contemporary practice.

Carlow will be welcoming traveling CraftHubEu exhibition at VISUAL Centre of Contemporary Art & The George Bernard Shaw Theatre in the town.

The exhibition commenced in Italy in April 2023 traveling to Greece, Germany, Portugal arriving in Ireland in August. The exhibition will feature work from across the whole spectrum of craft techniques and uses an anonymous selection process, giving emerging artists an equal opportunity to be selected alongside the established makers. Moving onto Wales, then Norway for the closing conference.

In the build up to the exhibition, Carlow County Council are organising a series of workshops in Carlow Library from 14th August 2022 to 22nd August 2023.


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