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53% say Reason for New Jewellery Purchase - Personal Reward

Updated: Apr 4

One way to get to know customers and their needs a little better is to run a survey. Why you are asking the questions you are asking, make sure you listen and then deliver.

No doubt it is valuable to understand what current customers or potential customers think of your products or brand but how about (except the obvious reason for collecting data) other reasons why you want to survey and how can you maximize the opportunity. Knowing this will help you to focus and see the bigger picture.

I ran Valg Studio jewellery survey last month.


  • I haven't done a survey in a while, last one was 18months ago. While I have some insights from online platforms and general feedback at the events these questions were more specific.

  • I would like to develop a new business direction and wanted to see is there a demand.

  • Use the attention of respondents to grow the email list by at the end of survey asking would people like to receive email newsletter, 68% said yes.

  • Good timing. First couple months of the year usually are a bit slower paced and it felt like a new beginning, new point of reference.

  • Emerging customer needs I am not aware of. To be successful, businesses need to tap into unmet customer needs and offer solutions.

After promoting on social media and reaching out to mailing list I had 496 responses.

It all sound good but surveys are only as good as their questions, be clear on what you want to know, make sure questions are easy to understand.

What Motivates Jewellery Purchases

I had 12 survey questions but I excluded questions about age and location as I can see these from my social media and website stats.

I would like to share some of the survey results as I feel they could be interesting to customers, supporters, interested folk and fellow makers alike.

Let's look at some of the questions from the survey:

Top five elements people are looking for:

  1. Design

  2. Uniqueness of the piece

  3. Quality

  4. Price

  5. Trend, is it fashionable

I hadn't included materials as an option but a few people commented about it. I'll definitely include it next time.

I didn't expect over 43% choose delicate and discreet jewellery!

Majority of my products would be colourful with medium to large size beads so I am definitely taking this into account.

I also had a question about the type of earrings worn most and small dangle earrings was one of the top tree choices.

More than one answer was allowed from listed options and here are the top five. Under this question there was also space to enter your own option and I found some interesting answers, for example, on occasions like workshops I love to buy from the tutor.


Knowing your customer can positively impact every aspect of your business from where you sell your products to the designs and materials you use and much more. Getting to know your customer does take time and effort and will be a continual process.

I am planing to run another survey in June 2023 and if you would like to participate please leave you details HERE.


These results match with my experience and align with the idea it may be good to have products with various price range.

Q: How often do you buy jewellery?

Top three. 51% of respondents said they buy jewellery couple times a year, 20% are buying every month, followed by 14% once a year.

The question everyone is curious about!

When it came to the reason for buying new jewelry more than one answer was allowed from listed options and above is the result.

It is hard one to comment, I thought special occasion would be the most popular but I can imagine why personal reward is in the lead too. Results show in majority of cases people are buying for themselves.


The last block on the survey was about Valg Studio jewellery making kit and potential learning opportunities in the future.

Jewellery Making Kit is for adults or as a parent and a child activity with clear step by step instructions, clay, findings to assemble the pieces, some tools and design ideas included. I'm really pleased 93% have interest in it.


Here are a few more things that might be useful if you are planning to run a survey.

  • I used google forms to create survey, it is free and easy tool to collect data with loads of options.

  • My survey was open for 10 days. You may consider offering a prize to maximize the reach, hold a draw once survey close.

  • TIP! At the end of the survey if respondent had bought Valg Studio jewellery or jewellery making kit before to leave a review. It was purely optional but again I was surprise how many took that extra bit of time to write about their experience. Thank you!

I am planing to run another survey in June 2023 and if you would like to participate please leave you details HERE.

Talk soon,

Liga xx

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