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Polymer clay jewellery kit for beginners

It is important to do something that brings joy and that uplifting sense of satisfaction, an activity that excites you. It can be the simplest thing or a new hobby. A lot of research is done around the positive impact of hobbies and plenty ideas and inspiration can be found online but today I would like to share my own experience of why I started to craft with polymer clay, how I came to create a Jewellery Making Kit for beginners and the benefits.


I remember seeing those amazing colourful earrings by an artist abroad. They were so unusual! I mean I never saw anything like it before and connected immediately. The sense of something very special, skillfully crafted and personal deeply resonated with me. I was amazed that something so beautiful can be created by hand and a couple months later I decided if someone else could learn and make these beautiful earrings I can do it too! It is true to say I was inspired and curious but next I needed to figure it out HOW I'm going to learn that.


It wasn't straightforward at the beginning because I thought my only option would be to take a polymer clay beginner's workshop. Back then, a decade ago, I couldn't find any workshops in Ireland so I decided to learn by myself from youtube and a small interest group online. I remember making so many notes worrying I would miss some important detail.

Then I bought polymer clay second hand on ebay and a few half used blocks arrived in the post in this yellow box I still keep. I really didn't need many tools to start, most of what I needed could be found around the house or reasonably priced in craft or hardware stores.


I made the first beads just mixing two colours, I remember it was purple and grey, next I was eager to try a little bit of caning and these were the simple flower earrings I made. Between the first makes was also this chocolate brown pendant. I remember looking in my notes all the way through and making sure everything goes to plan and it did but I also remember how long it took me to gather all the information and be confident to start. Polymer clay is a fun, highly versatile medium which is perfect for beginners. Easy to get good results once you know a few tips and tricks.


Wonderful experience working with polymer clay and it still excites me as much as when I got the yellow box in the post. Every time I start to condition the clay I feel joy and desire to reach for new ideas. On a regular basis I get asked one particular question, 'Do you offer workshops?'. Very rarely and I love doing them but at the moment I can't commit to run them regularly so last year I decided to introduce Valg Studio Jewellery Making Kit for beginners. Hours of making and joy to anyone who loves colour, craft and creativity.


The kit is suitable for anyone wanting to learn a new skill and be creative. Use a sheet of polymer clay as your canvas and create your own patterns. It is easy and it is fun. Instructions in the kit has plenty tips and ideas on how to make the most of the clay.

This necklace is just one of the ideas to show what you could make. Looks effective and what's even better, following instructions included in the kit you can make it too. All you need to do is choose the colours, relax and get creative once your jewellery making kit arrives in the post.

This kit is versatile and can suit different moods, situations, age groups, families, interests, use it for spontaneous ideas, mum and daughter (or son) bonding time, have fun with friends or have a quiet craft day just for yourself. It also makes a great gift.


It is such a joy to receive feedback about Valg Studio jewellery Making Kit and see what you have made.

'Sine enjoyed the kit, found it fun to use and easy to follow the steps. What really appealed to her was getting a quick result that she could wear the same day! . Her favourite pieces are the ring and the stud earrings.'

Maura said, 'Had such fun over the weekend making loads of little bits. Some little name tags for my nieces, earrings and matching ring for myself,

loads of other earrings and some shell pendants. And still loads of clay left over. Super set, would be a fantastic gift for yourself or a crafty friend.'

'So much fun in this box' - Orla


I was intrigued to learn how other polymer clay artists have started out and asked a wonderful polymer clay artist and a friend Fiona Herbst about her journey.

'I first got into polymer clay when I was in college. It started with me looking for something to make, Christmas presents for family. I found some Fimo in a craft shop and decided to play with this. At the time there was no info around, my learning was the instructions on the package. I found I was good at it and friends asked me to make things for them. I then started to sell pieces to make pocket money in college, got a billboard and sold on the streets of Belfast at weekends. When I finished college I went to work and crafting was laid aside, it wasn't until approximately 10 years ago I found my old box of clay and took it up again. A friend asked me to take a stand at a school fair and it really took off from there. I decided to take it up professionally and took classes, joined groups etc and I haven't looked back.'


Jewellery making kit to make your own accessories with vibrant colors and cool textures.

Find it on Valg Studio website Jewllery Making Kit or at VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art and The George Bernard Shaw Theatre gift shop in Carlow.

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