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Power of Spring Wildflowers

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

The lovely snowdrop is one of the first flowers to appear in the Spring as it works its way through the cold ground and often snow to bloom. No wonder this delicate, dangling white flower became first Valg Studio Woodland design.

     It can probably seem quite unusual for some of you reading this blog that this little flower can have its own week, especially popular in UK and Ireland. Who knew Snowdrop Week in Ireland and around the world is taking place usually late January or early in February! I only learned about it when we moved to Ireland more than a decade ago and I started to visit beautiful Altamont Gardens nearby.

Spectacular display of snowdrops at the magical Altamont Gardens

Every year after dark and cold winter months it is inspiring to see the first signs of Spring. Would it be evenings getting brighter, more sunshine or first spring flowers. I have created several floral designs in the past but choosing and creating design inspired by snowdrops is one of my favourite. It was on my mind for a two years before I actually started to work on this design and below you can see a simple step by step process.

  • First I collected a folder full of different snowdrop images on my computer.

  • Believe it or not there is a impressive collection at Altamont Gardens with over 100 named varieties!... so I even borrowed a book from the main gardener and it was interesting to learn about the plant, its different parts, colours and nature.

  • Next step was sketching followed by making decision on colour scheme and starting to condition the polymer clay.

  • Finally everything was ready to start making unique Valg Studio snowdrop design cane.

  • It was great to introduce new bead shape and use new findings - hoop leverbacks, stylish and very secure.

When I see snowdrops I almost feel like transported back to childhood family home in North Latvia, in early Spring there would still be big snow patches lying around the garden, icicles meting in the sun and snowdrops emerging.

Wildflowers are a joy in early Spring.

Spot these delicate white flowers on a woodland walk or stroll in park and have a wonderful Spring!

Talk soon,

Liga x


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