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5 Tips to Create Your Authentic Style

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Listen, it is not a secret the amount of overwhelming stuff in the fashion industry is huge, it is easy to get confused and sometimes we simply get swallowed by the current trends.

The single most important thing when developing your style is to be true to yourself. If contemporary style with edge is your thing I'm delighted to share 5 simple tips to help you to create your own unique style.

  • Choose your wardrobe wisely.

  • Wear unique accessories.

  • Notice the difference.

  • Add value.

  • Feel good, look good.

1. Choose your wardrobe wisely.

You don't need to be a style guru to wear a unique design and look confident. Have a look at your wardrobe, choose a couple pieces you particularly like or go searching online for the new fresh look ideas you desire.

I particularly fell in love with this linen ensemble by Petria Lenehan and the stunning 3/4 sleeve wrap top by designer Bébhínn McGrath.

2. Wear Unique Jewellery.

Next, think about the accessories. Accessories are, without a doubt, the easiest way to pull any look together regardless of the vibe you want to achieve. All you need to know is if you really love the piece and you know the kind of outfit you would like to finish it off with. Then your sense of style and personality will shine through effortlessly. Don't overthink.

We found this stunning silk top and jacquard trousers by a new Irish eco-luxury fashion brand KEEM perfectly matching our XX Collection accessories creating a sophisticated look.

The XX Collection is modern minimalism, simple but powerful polymer clay jewellery designs with a thoughtful message wrapped around it.

X as a kiss, symbol of friendship and love.

X as a symbol of unknown value we must figure out, a little bit of mystery and a secret.

Perfect for everyday wear would it be casual, sophisticated looks or artsy style. Pieces are lightweight and crafted to their final touch making it easy for the women to feel comfortable and confident.

3. Notice the difference.

You have the ability to inspire yourself if you would just start believing that you can. Let yourself try what feels right for you, and don't worry about making a couple of impulsive choices.

I believe for creative professionals with a busy lifestyle it is important to find the accessories that are unique, limited edition and clear statement. A simple white top paired with a pencil skirt and accessorized with a unique pin, scarf or earrings can create authentic look you will love. Usually your style will naturally evolve.

4. Add Value.

What is it worth? I'm not talking about the physical value of the pieces but how they make us feel, not only how we look but also the added value that can make them special.

I'm sure for many of you reading this blog it is important and you prefer to know who made your clothes and accessories, who painted the striking painting in your living room, where and why particular design came about, the inspiration behind the collection, in other words, a creative journey and relationship between ourselves and the maker we value.

Remember "money can't buy happiness, but it does change how you experience it".

I'm inspired by the beautiful irish linen clothing by the Bridie Mullin. These hand-made garments are designed to last; striking in their elegant simplicity, functionality and quiet aesthetic. Minimal statement necklace and curved design earrings by Valg Studio.

5. Feel good, look good.

Inspire yourself, a new pair of earrings or shoes can take your look to the next level, echo the style of your wardrobe — be it sleek and modern or smart casual. I think it's important to find the individual accessories you can spice up with your outfit daily that make you happy. Give yourself time and trust your vision.

It isn't always about how you look, it's all about your attitude and the way you feel.

I hope you will find the following style tips useful:

  • hoops look great with long open hair or loose high bun.

  • no matter your outfit, this oversized ring is always there for you to make a statement.

  • contemporary earrings will look great with simple, elegant tops or jersey dress.

I hope you found this information helpful, if you have any questions at all please get in touch. Sign up to the mailing list at the bottom on this page if you would like to hear about the new blog posts, news and promotions in future.

Liga xx


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