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Art Festival in my Garden

Every year early June Carlow Fringe Arts Festival invites art and culture lovers from near and far to celebrate local art, craft, performance and creative community. In general it's the time when many Summer shows and exhibitions start but because of global pandemic things are quite different this year... which in turn means that I and many other artists have to adapt and come up with different solutions.

Long story short I am holding my virtual Carlow Fringe Arts Festival exhibition in my garden and online.

This exhibition include sculptural wall art Threadscapes and Valg Studio jewellery.

Read more about making process and see more Threadscapes HERE.

Pandemic lockdown in Ireland has been blessed with sunny and warm weather and garden is the perfect space to showcase my work. On the grey block wall is plenty space for my sculptural work - Threadscapes. Flower beds and pots offered plenty blossoms to play around as back drop for earrings.

More work available to see or purchase HERE.

The garden exhibition has made me think outside the box (I feel I would never thought of doing this if not because of lockdown and restrictions) and I'm glad I jumped on this idea and grateful for so many positive emotions while doing this. I have also been working on the new product, Valg Studio Jewellery Making Kit, to be launched at the end of June.

Stay safe and well,

Liga xx

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