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Love Tulips

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Attractive large petals, striking colours! Nothing says Springtime like the tulip season in full bloom. The display of vibrant colours can't  possibly leave anyone untouched. It was only natural to create Valg Studio 'Tulip Garden' design in honor of this elegant flower.

This 'Tulip Garden' design turned out to be one of my most complex polymer clay cane designs up to date. There are many details including different flower and leaf shapes, colour combinations and its graduation, all set against light yellow background. A pop of colour can be so satisfying and uplifting. It is almost like I have managed to include the joy of the first sunbeams and Spring energy in this design.

'Tulip Garden' design accessories are great for everyday wear, perfect for special occasion or evening out, everything depends on your outfit and style. I'm delighted to notice earrings are fast becoming a popular choice for holidays. They are colourful and lightweight, great accessory for comfortable travels while having distinctive accessories.

The inspiration behind this design is simple, it's not only the ultimate Spring  feeling, new life, vibrant colours and energy that tulips carry, it is also my favourite flower. Tulips always have been part of my life even looking back at the childhood. I remember it's always been common to gift red tulips on the International Women's Day. It probably sounds quite unusual but those were times we lived in Soviet Union.

Caning is one of my favourite techniques when working with polymer clay, it can require a lot of patience and attention to the detail depending on the complexity of the design but the end result is well worth it.

I found some interesting facts about tulips and thought why not to share them:

  • The tulip's name originates from the Persian word for turban. I never thought of it before but I must agree in full bloom tulip has the similar shape like unique design turban-like hat.

  • Tulips commonly mean perfect love. There are many legends about the tulips and even meanings for the different colous. Interesting, tulips are also the flower for 11th Wedding Aniversary, as symbol of devotion and love.

Thanks for stopping by Valg Studio blog,

Have a colourful Spring!

Liga x


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